Other Resources

We would like to inform you about the resources (pages) that are personally maintained by Shri Prakash Ji.

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Please note that genuine and reliable information about Shri Prakash Ji and his teaching can be found on the following resources:

shriprakashji.org — the official website about Shri Prakash Ji

yogashri.de — the official website of disciples in Germany

sanatan-dharma.lt/en — Website of disciples in Lithuania

satyam-shivam-sundaram.kz/ — website of disciples in Kazakhstan

youtube.com/Shriprakashji.Satsangs — the official YouTube channel

en.satyam-shivam-sundaram.org — the website about Hinduism and Indian Culture

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You also can not hold the truthfulness and correctness of information posted in any other resources, or speaking on behalf of Shri Prakash Ji. However, we cannot ensure that all the content published and shared online in Shri Prakash Ji’s name is true to his guidance and essence.

If you have doubts about a product or service in Shri Prakah Ji’s name, please see the list of official channels or write mail for us shriprakashdham@mail.ru.

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